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Forex Accounts (By Types & Brokers)

On this page, you can find all Forex Account Types that are commonly offered by Forex brokers.

Nowadays, Forex brokers offer a variety of trading accounts, each type with its particular advantages. Traders, in addition to Standard accounts, now have access to a wide range of Forex Accounts which are most beneficial and well-fitting to their trading styles.

Forex accounts can be opened in Micro, Standard, Cent, ECN, Fixed, Floating/Zero Spread, High leverage or VIP.

If you are new to Forex, your ideal choice is a Demo account in which you can trade with virtual money. If you know how to trade, open a Micro account and trade in the real market with a low initial deposit. However, if you are an experienced trader, you’d better choose a specific type of account that meets your trading strategy requirements.

Below you can familiarize yourself with different types of Forex accounts and find Forex brokers that offer those accounts.

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Account Trading Conditions

Brokers' Forex Accounts

Micro Accounts

  • Ability to trade in micro-lots (Smaller trade size)
  • Very low initial deposit requirement (as low as 5$)
  • High leverage on Micro accounts - open larger trade positions
  • Suitable for strategies that require multiple orders execution
  • Test your trading strategies in real market with small deposits
  • Evaluate your Forex broker trading products by risking less

XM - 5$, 1:888 leverage, floating spreads from 1.5

FBS - 5$, 1:3000 leverage, fixed spreads from 3

EXNESS - 1$, 1:unlimited leverage, floating spreads from 0.3

HYCM - 100$, 1:200 leverage, fixed spreads from 2

Designed for beginners who just started trading and want to deposit small, trade small and risk less while empowering their trading skills and putting their strategies into work in the real market.

ECN Accounts

  • Direct access to the market, low floating spreads from 0
  • No conflict of interest, No-Dealing Desk, STP order execution
  • Ultra-fast order execution, absence of re-quotes in orders
  • Fixed commission per trade, lower leverage, higher initial deposit
  • High liquidity (via major banks), best price quotations
  • Trade ECN via popular MetaTrader 4 & cTrader platforms
  • Best Ask and Bid Prices from Liquidity Providers

ForexTime - $500, 1:1000 leverage, floating spreads from 0.1, 4$ \ lot commission, ECN trading (Currency pairs, metals, CFDs) via MT4 & MT5

FBS - $1000, 1:500 leverage, floating spreads from 0, 6$ \ lot commission, ECN trading (Currency pairs) via MT4

EXNESS - $300, 1:200 leverage, floating spreads from 0, 25$ \ lot commission, ECN trading (Currency pairs) via MT4

Alpari - $300, 1:1000 leverage, floating spreads from 0.1, 4$ \ lot commission, ECN trading (Currency pairs, metals, CFDs & Cryptocurrency) via MT4

Suitable for professional traders who demand the fastest trade execution, floating low spreads, direct access to liquidity providers, best bid\ask prices in the market, and transparency.

High Leverage Accounts

  • Very high leverage from 1:1000 up to 1:3000
  • Open trade positions bigger than actual account balance
  • A double-edged sword, increase both profits and losses
  • Favorable to scalpers for short-term big trades with high leverage
  • Implement trading strategies that require a higher leverage
  • Opportunity for small account holders to access the market

FBS - 5$, 1:3000 leverage, Fixed & Floating Spread, MT4 & MT5 platforms, Forex, CFDs and Metals

ForexTime - 5$, 1:1000 leverage, fixed & floating spreads, MT4 and MT5 platforms, Forex, CFDs, Metals, Energies

EXNESS - 1$, 1:unlimited leverage, Fixed & floating spreads, MT4 & MT5 platforms, Forex, CFDs and Metals

XM - 5$, 1:888 leverage, Floating spreads, MT4 and MT5 platforms, Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Metals and Energies

Suitable for aggressive traders who want to use the power of leverage to open big positions for larger profits. Highly demanded by scalpers, short-term traders and those who want to risk more.

Zero Spread Accounts

  • Trade Forex without spreads, total spread costs reduction
  • No spreads widening in Zero spread accounts
  • Favorable for scalpers and high volume\short term traders
  • Commission charged per each trade (For each standard lot)
  • Always know your trades entry and exit levels precisely
  • Suitable for strategies that require same Bid/Ask prices

XM - $500, 1:500 leverage, 5$ commission per lot, floating spread from zero, trade currency pairs and metals

FBS - 5$, 1:3000 leverage, 20$ commission per lot, spread always fixed 0, trade currency pairs and metals

Designed for traders who simply want to trade without spread to either implement certain trading strategies or cut spread costs and avoid widening of spreads while trading.

Cent Accounts

  • Accessing the FX market by depositing as low as 1$ (100 cent)
  • Suitable for the inexperienced traders who find the FX market a bit overwhelming
  • Trading in a standard lot size as low as 0.0001
  • Having access to high leverage and therefore more opportunities
  • Test your trading strategies with the smallest deposit

Cent Forex Brokers

Specially designed for Forex newbies & beginners who are small depositors, want to trade small in Cents, have a taste of trading with real funds while not risking much money.

Editorial Pick-up Cent Forex Brokers:

FBS - $1 (100 cent), 1:1000 leverage, floating spread from 1, trade currency pairs and metals

ForexTime - $5 (500 cents), 1:1000 leverage, floating from 1.5, trade currency pairs and metals

Alpari - $1 (100 cent), 1:500 leverage, fixed spreads from 2, trade currency pairs and metals

Demo Accounts

  • Having access to large sums of virtual money to expand your trading activities
  • Trading without the fear of losing your own money
  • Learning the strengths and weaknesses of your trading strategies
  • Having no re-quotes or slippages
  • Offering better and faster execution quality

XM - Demo on MT4/5, 1:888 leverage, no expiration

ForexTime - Demo on MT4/5, 1:1000 leverage, no expiration

FBS -  demo on mt4/5, 1:3000 leverage, expire after 45 days

EXNESS -  Demo on MT4/5, unlimited leveraged, expires after 180 days in case of no activity

HYCM - Demo on MT4, 1:200 leverage, expires after 3 0days of no activity

TickMill - Demo on MT4, 1:500 leverage, expires after 30 days of no activity

Orbex - Demo on MT4, 1:500 leverage, expires after 30 days

Demo Accounts will allow you to experience the real market activities in a simulated environment. This is especially suitable for the beginners who want to see their trading strategies in action without risking their money. Practice in Demo accounts before trading Live.

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